Under Influence

Snape drags the two drunken boys into their dorm room. His intent is to sober them up and settle them into bed, after a night of celebration for their victory from the day's quidditch match. But he wasn't expecting to be witness to such exhibitionism.

"Draco?" Terence moans into his neck. "Should we be doing this with him watching?”

Draco's eyes, glassy and dark, but focused on Snape's stiff shoulders, the fit black pants, the growing erection, parts his lips. Nothing comes out at first. "Yes, I think he'll like that." Voice hoarse and scratchy.

Snape looks unimpressed, one eyebrow quirked up. "You expect me to give you pointers?" He folds his arms, a superior smirk playing on his lips.

Terence shudders against Draco, not sure how unsettled he is about this. His mind flashes to Harry, to Oliver and he can smell the sex in the air...the sweat trickling down his neck, and Draco's heart racing against his.

"Well then," Snape arranges himself in a chair opposite the bed. "Show me what you've got." Snape is unreadable, maybe even offended, put out? Who cares? Draco muses. Terence moans at the sudden friction between him and Draco, as he's pushed against the bed, with Draco sitting on top. Draco's not looking at him though; he's looking at Snape. And for a second Draco believe's that Terence is jealous, he wants to be consumed, he wants the heat to rise, he wants only the two of them to exist. He doesn't want it to be a spectator sport. But Draco's getting bold and this suddenly changes his mind. Draco peels off his own shirt as Terence rises to lick every inch of skin that becomes exposed. Terence bites and nips at Draco's chin, working his way down to his nipples, sucking one in hard. Draco wraps his arms around Terence's back, to brace him and to press in to the intoxicating sting of it.

Draco's fingers curl into the hem of Terence's shirt, tugging, kneading into his flesh, wanting their skin to touch, to glide against each other. Draco sees Snape shift in the chair, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that Snape's movement is meant to be noticed. Snape's hand moves over his own throbbing cock through the material of his robes, it seems natural and forgiving somehow as Snape's jaw softens momentarily. He was liking this, he liked watching the two young boys touching each other, drowning in one another, and his hand disappears beneath his robes.

For a minute Draco was disappointed. He wants to touch Snape there, it should be his hand. He could please him, make Snape want him; make Snape forget about any apprehension. But maybe he has to prove it, give him an example of what he could do. He turns his attention back to Terence, twisting his fingers into the shirt and pulling it off in one smooth motion. He pushes Terence back against the bed, seeing Snape pump himself in a deliberate rhythm. He had to show him what he could do with his mouth. He kissed Terence's thighs through the denim, holding Terence's wrists in place on either side of his hip, and unzips the fly with his teeth.

He nudges Terence’s cock with his nose. He feels larger hands replace his own on Terence's wrists from behind him. He didn't even notice Snape getting up, like liquid mercury from his seat. He felt wisps of air flutter against the back of his neck, could smell Snape's potion’s ingredients - spicy; could feel some of Snape’s weight on his back. He clenches his eyes tight for only a second, wanting to imprint that feeling.

“Don't stop now, Malfoy. It wouldn't do to leave your friend like this." His voice is like cast iron in his ears, heavy, rusty and solid. He fails to suppress a shiver. Terence agreed with him fully, and tried his best not to bristle at the fact that he almost seemed to be a moot point in this equation. Terence tilts his hips upwards to emphasize how much he's hurting, when he feels Snape's hand snake down to his hips. "Stay down," he growls, and even Terence can't help but feel turned on a little.

"Take him into your mouth, I want to see how well you fuck with that red mouth of yours." Snape's lips graze his neck, and Draco could come right now, if he wasn't careful. But he holds on, and is more than ready to put on a show.

Draco tugs down Terence's jeans to allow for better access, Snape sliding the last bit off Terence's ankles, and then holding him in place once again. Draco flicks his tongue over the tip of Terence's cock - excruciating little circles, making him twitch and shudder in unknown ways...and then his fingers, under his balls, fingering him right there as he slips into the hot wet solace of Draco's mouth, his lips disappearing under his teeth, his eyes focused on Terence's chest as it contracts with pained panting. He takes him in realizing just how beautiful Terence is when he whimpers and bucks into his mouth as he takes him in deeper and deeper still.

"That's it boy." Snape blazes a trail up Draco's back as he licks up to the back of his neck. "Now take his legs and hook them over your shoulder." Draco did as instructed.

"Draco, mmmh..." Terence groans.

"Use your fingers, Malfoy, first one, that's right, then the other." Terence winced at the force of it, pushing himself down against Draco's long fingers as they hook inside him. Blinded, with the wet tongue on his cock, Draco's mouth moving to suck on Terence's scrotum, grazing him with the bottom teeth under...right...th-"oh god, yes, there, please, baby, I'm gonna come. Oh, Draco."

Draco could hear the blood rushing to his ears, and then...Snape's hands move up Draco's thighs, finding his zipper. His pants were down around his ankles and he couldn't help but register the cold air hitting the back of his thighs, and then the feel of Snape's legs against his. Why couldn't it be flesh on flesh? He puts a third finger into Terence, and pushs his cock forward into Snape's calloused hand.

He tensed momentarily, trying his best to focus on getting Terence off while he fucks Snape's hand. He was fucking Snape's hand. Oh my god. Terence reaches for Draco's free hand and their fingers entwined, steadying Draco. He shakes against Terence's cock, and took him in whole, rocking, and sucking and fingering...it was a chaotic mess of sensations. Trying to hold on, trying to hold back. Vision blurring, the room spinning, was he coming or was Terence? And then Terence's legs tense. Draco has to look at him. Terence was always pretty when he came, and the back of Draco's mouth constricts to control how much of Terence he swallowed - bitter and salty sweet.

Draco wants to collapse against Terence, but something was holding him in place. Snape. One arm around Draco's waist, and one hand pumping him slowly, his thumb rubbing his tip, Snape's voice like rumbling thunder, in his ear, telling him how dirty he is. He was his dirty boy; his filthy teacher’s pet. He lets his head fall back against Snape's shoulder.

Draco pushes his hips back, feeling Snape hard against his backside. Terence snakes up Draco’s body, sucking at his hip, his stomach, his nipples, his neck. Snape leans forward, licking just under his earlobe. Draco wants to taste them both - he wants to be consumed, devoured whole.

"Snape, daddy...ahn...faster...make it rough. I want you to leave your mark on me. Make me yours, Terence.” Daddy? Oh God. Draco tries to put the images of his father out of his mind, blonde on blonde, ice white skin, chilling him to the bone.

He was lost in his own breathing, it seemed to echo from some place distant, some place dark, some place out of...reach...don't give in, make it last, make it last, make it forever. Snape kissing Terence, Terence rubbing against Draco, and Snape's still fully clothed...why? Draco reaches behind him resting a sweaty palm underneath Snape's shirt, on to the small of his back. Connection, like an electric current, like lightning through him, through his cock and then...Snape bites his shoulder as his legs get weak, he's coming all over Terence, in Snape's hands, and he can't hold himself up...

"Shhhh. It's okay baby boy, give in." Snapes words are far from soothing. They mock him, but Draco gives in, and he wants to worship him like a god, like his father, like his child, like his best friend. And Terence is lapping at his limp cock, licking Snape's fingers...


“Draco! Draco!” Snape hisses in his ear sharply. “Do wake up!” Snape kneels by the table, locking eyes with Draco. “Learn to hold your liquor.” Draco’s head is pounding. He can hear Millicent Bulstrode and Pansy Parkinson tittering in the background. The room swims in and out of the dull light, as he’s forced to focus on dark piercing eyes.

“I do not relish taking points off my own house, but I will not -” His eyes dilate. Draco can see it in his pools of black. He knows. He can read minds. Draco can’t help but get flushed, cold sweat prickling his shoulders. Snape narrows his eyes. “-hesitate.” Punctuated. Each syllable full and jagged out of his mouth. Draco full and hard in his mouth. Draco shakes his head to clear the images of merging bodies, and hot stern mouths. Terence, the potion’s apprentice, stirring the cauldron at the front of the class, looks amused as Snape continues the lesson.